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First Steps 4K

South Carolina First Steps offers FREE full-day four-year-old kindergarten programs in private, faith-based and community-based preschool providers!

The enrollment process is simple. To check your eligibility and complete an application, click on the green buttons below.

For additional information, contact SC First Steps to School Readiness toll-free at (877) 621-0865.

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To qualify during the 2020-2021 school year, your child must:

  • Be 4 years old on or before Sept. 1, 2020,
  • Be eligible for Medicaid, free- or reduced-price lunch program, SNAP/TANF recipient OR be experiencing homelessness, transiency, or in foster care.
  • Be a South Carolina Resident
For the 2020-2021 school year, participating programs have the option of 4 different program delivery models:
Option TR: Traditional (180 school days, 6.5 hours daily)
Option ED*: Extended Day (180 school days, 8 hours)
Option TS & SS: (Traditional plus Summer School, 220 days for 6.5 hours)
Option ED & SS: (Extended Day plus Summer School, 220 days for 8 hours)

Permanently established by the SC Read to Succeed Act in 2014, the SC Child Early Reading Development and Education Program (CERDEP) provides full-day four-year-old-kindergarten programs in 64 South Carolina school districts. Centers participating in a PILOT program for 2020-2021 may enroll 4K eligible students from the other 17 districts.  Enrollment is offered at no cost to eligible children.

If you're looking for additional information about preschool programs in South Carolina visit PalmettoPreK.org or click the logo below.