What We Do

To support the vision of ensuring a South Carolina where all children start school ready to succeed, South Carolina First Steps:

  1. Provides 35 programs across 46 counties. The programs offered to families of children zero through five across South Carolina include parent education and home visitation, prenatal support, family literacy, childcare scholarships, and help for children and families as they transition to school.  The services also include support for childcare teachers and providers to ensure that centers offer the highest quality programs for the children they serve.  This important work is done through a network of 46 “local partnerships,” nonprofit affiliates of First Steps in each county of the state.


  1. Provides scholarships for full-day kindergarten for 4-year–old children “4K” – to 2,500 children across South Carolina. These scholarships are used in private, nonprofit, and faith-based childcare centers that are active participants in an intensive program that includes training and mentoring for the 4K teachers and center directors and rigorous standards that ensure the programs are educational and high-quality.


  1. Serves as the connector and convener of organizations and agencies serving children zero through five both at the state and local level. This work takes place through the Early Childhood Advisory Council, which SC First Steps manages and supports as well as through the local partnerships, which in addition to providing programs directly, also act as a hub for services and system integration at the county level.


We also offer various programs and services that fall under the below categories.


Some of the programs we offer include:

Parenting Support

Early Education

School Transition

Child Care


First Steps 4K