South Carolina Parents As Teachers

Parents as Teachers is a national, evidence-based home visitation model designed to ensure young children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.  Services are delivered by model-certified parent educators who emphasize parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and family well-being. First Steps has served as the lead agency for Parents as Teachers in South Carolina since 2011.

South Carolina PAT served 2,452 children and 2,093 families in 2013-2014 and is currently the state’s largest home visiting model. As the model’s state leader, First Steps provides technical assistance, training and support to each of the state’s 54 affiliate programs.

“South Carolina is a great example of how home visitation can be done right to help families and children,” said Parents as Teachers’ CEO, Scott Hippert.

State Parents as Teachers info graphic 2018-2019 report (click image to enlarge)

Quality Endorsement and Improvement (QEIP) Resources

QEIP Manual

Updated Appendix C

QEIP Admin Policies and Procedures

Video Series- Introduction to QEIP

Video Series- Step 1:  Essential Requirements Review

Video Series- Step 2:  Affiliate Self-Study

Video Series- Step 3:  Review of Affiliate Self-Study

Video Series- Summary of Steps and Timelines

Video Series Companion Materials

QEIP Checklist

Time Sensitive Quality Standards

Self-Study Q&A

Contact Information
Gina Beebe
Director of Parenting Programming

Partner Organizations
SC Department of Education
Local County First Steps Partnerships
SC Department of Social Services
BabyNet – Part C of IDEA
Early Head Start

Local Information
South Carolina Parents as Teachers – Affiliate Performance Report 2013-2014 Guidance for Vision and Hearing Screening
Additional Guidance for Hearing Screening
SC First Steps PAT Overview