Our favorite books for celebrating Week of the Young Child

Stack of children's books

Week of the Young Child is coming to a close, and South Carolina First Steps has been celebrating each day – Music Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Work Together Wednesday, Artsy Thursday and Family Friday – with the same simple message: “Start with a Book.” It’s part of our new campaign to deliver high-quality children’s books to South Carolina families in need.

It’s also our encouragement to any parent at home with a young child these days. Want to keep your little one connected, engaged and learning at home? Start with a book!

You can join by giving here or buying a new book for a child in your life. When you purchase from our shop, Usborne Books & More will donate 50% of the total price to our campaign. That means more books for children who might not otherwise have one.

To get you started, here are ten great recommendations inspired by the Week of the Young Child:

Music Monday

Picture of Baby's Very First Musical Playbook

For your younger bookworms Babies Very First Musical Playbook is the perfect introduction with bright colors, sturdy board book pages, and all the noisy buttons those sweet little fingers love to push!

For preschoolers Dan the Taxi Man will have your little readers laughing and making all kinds of instrument sounds as they drive around town with Dan and his taxi getting ready for the big concert.

Tasty Tuesday

The most delicious thing of all is seeing a little child devour a book! You Complete Me is a board book full of hilarious and adorable food related puns, great for snuggling up and sharing sweet moments.

Beast Feast is a book full of fun for your preschoolers. The four letters to open as Beast invites all his monster pals to a yummy banquet will provide fine motor skill practice – but the story within will warm your heart as Beast learns about real friendship. 

Work Together Wednesday

Being together and learning to work together are some of the most important lessons we can teach our children. Cuddle Bear knows that hugs make things better and that everyone needs love.

In All About Friends, preschoolers and older children will discover how to build friendships, how to solve problems, and that working together really can start with a book!

Artsy Thursday

Give your babies and toddlers a more colorful world with a book! In Touchy-Feely Colors Play Book little ones will lift flaps, feel texture, and trace lines to discover the rainbow.

In The Big Book of Colors, your toddler and preschooler will learn about each color in detail – with fun facts and a page for them to actually mix the colors. It’s the perfect book to pair with any art project.

Family Friday

Love can start in the pages of a book! In Animally your child will discover just how many ways you love them as you work your way through animals and adjectives like hugely, sweetly, and musically with stunning illustrations.

In All About Families, preschoolers will see that they might look different, do different things, and are built in different ways – but love and togetherness are what makes family, family.

Browse the full collection of available titles here. Thank you!